Blog reviews, a nomination and an interview

In late November 2009, qarrtsiluni offered to mail out 15 free copies of A Walk Through the Memory Palace to any blogger willing to write a review of at least three paragraphs in length. The response was very positive, and we had all 15 lined up in two days.

Two reviews have appeared so far. Southern California-based poet Robbi Nester had some very positive words at Shadow Knows, her general-interest blog about “yoga, critters, and eldercare.” She took advantage of the Creative Commons license to quote the whole of “Some Yellow Tulips,” which she found especially effective.

Kentucky poet and poetry blogger Sherry Chandler has written the first comprehensive review of Memory Palace that we’re aware of, discussing the online and audio versions as well as the print edition, and found “small flaws, born of personal preference, in a chapbook that is otherwise excellent.”

Interestingly, “Some Yellow Tulips” was one of the sources of those “small flaws,” in Chandler’s opinion — the structure just didn’t work for her, she said. This is clearly a poem that provokes strong reactions. It was also one of qarrtsiluni‘s six nominations for the 2009 Pushcart Prize.

In her review, Chandler referenced a recent interview conducted by Dana Guthrie Martin with Dave and Beth about our experiences publishing a chapbook. Thanks to Dana and Read Write Poem for that opportunity — and thanks to our first blog reviewers!

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