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Parker named Tennessee Williams Scholar

Congratulations to Pamela for being named a Tennessee Williams Scholar by the Sewanee Writer’s Conference! Naturally, we’re hoping this translates into many more sales of A Walk Through the Memory Palace, but in any case we are immensely proud and gratified that they share our high opinion of Parker’s work.

In other news, Lawrence Gladeview’s review of Memory Palace is featured in the latest incarnation of MediaVirus Magazine.

Dual print and electronic editions published

The print edition is now available from the qarrtsiluni e-store, so this website and the podcast have gone live as well. Memory Palace should be available at Amazon in a few days. Read the announcement post at qarrtsiluni.

Chapbooks are traditionally associated with limited editions, so perhaps a print-on-demand chapbook is a bit of a contradiction of terms, but our aim is to make A Walk Through the Memory Palace as widely available as possible — hence also this online version. Pamela has generously agreed to make the contents available under a Creative Commons license that allows noncommercial copying and modification as long as attribution is given (for web use, please include a link). Let us know if you write a review, translate any of the poems, or make videos of them, for possible inclusion in this news blog.

“A Walk Through the Memory Palace” selected from among 50 submissions

Pamela Johnson Parker’s winning manuscript faced stiff competition; most of our eight screeners as well as the final judge, Dinty Moore, praised the over-all quality of submissions.

This was a completely blind contest. Eight first-round readers read the fifty submitted manuscripts in order to narrow the field to a shortlist of no more than ten. Each chapbook, identified only by title, was read by at least two readers. A shortlist of ten anonymous manuscripts was then forwarded to Dinty Moore for his final decisions. Read the full details at the magazine.

Chapbook contest details

Qarrtsiluni’s first poetry chapbook contest was announced on March 2, 2009, and the submissions period ran through the end of May. Read the rules, and our explanation of why we picked a prominent nonfiction writer and editor to judge a poetry contest.