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New Pamela Johnson Parker collection

Pamela’s second chapbook of poetry, Other Four-Letter Words, is now available for pre-ordering from Finishing Line Press (scroll down; the titles are in alphabetical order by the authors’ last names). It’s scheduled to ship on September 24.

Memory Palace featured on Read Write Poem-sponsored blog tour

We were honored to have A Walk Through the Memory Palace chosen for a virtual book tour on member blogs of the Read Write Poem social network (scroll down through the comments to see pingback links to blog posts in the tour).

Our favorite tour stop so far was at Jill Crammond Wickham’s blog, which featured an in-depth interview with Pamela. We were touched to learn, for example, how much it meant to her to see and hold the printed chapbook for the first time, and we were very surprised to find out where she got the idea of structuring it around a memory palace. Do go read.

James Brush at Coyote Mercury went into detail about memory palaces as part of his post for the blog tour. Then Daniel Romo wrote about his failure to connect with the book, and why he found it worthwhile to persist in learning from Parker’s writing anyway, at peyote soliloquies. Lawrence Gladeview shared his mostly positive respose at Righteous Rightings, and Sarah Jane Sloat had a similarly balanced assessment at her blog, The Rain in My Purse.

We’re grateful to all these reviewers for the depth, honesty, and variety of their responses, and look forward to the remaining blog-tour stops with great anticipation.

UPDATE: The final stops in the tour were at Dave Jarecki’s eponymous blog and Edible Detritus, David Moolten’s blog. (A review at another blog has since gone offline.) Moolten found that “the language is well crafted and delicately informed. Parker’s verse finds its power in gentle irony, quiet onomatopoeia and a lush though domestic lexicon.” Jarecki concluded, “With her calm language and quiet melancholy, [Parker] lets us build our own memories and name the emotions that come with them, reminding us of all the lovely things that make our time on earth so fleeting.”